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Scope ad

The Guardian        4.6.2004















I work, therefore I am

    Headline, G, 14.6.2004,






You are your supermarket   

    Web frontpage headline, G, 12.3.2004. Full text :






A simple reason to stop whaling: it's cruel


142 organisations unite to highlight horrific impact of harpooning

    Headline and sub, 9.3.2004,






I'm still president, says a defiant Aristide   

    Headline, 9.3.2004,

















Mirror frontpage        30.8.2004                                   Mirror frontpage        28.8.2004















'I'm Gene. I'm gay and aim to be bishop.'

    Headline, G, p. 4, 4.8.2003.






"We napalmed both those (bridge) approaches,"

said Colonel James Alles,

commander of Marine Air Group 11.

"Unfortunately there were people there ...

you could see them in the (cockpit) video.

They were Iraqi soldiers. It's no great way to die.

The generals love napalm. It has a big psychological effect."

    US admits it used napalm bombs in Iraq, IOS, p. 17, 10.8.2003.






There is one thing dead people excel at.

They are very good at handling pain.

    'The smell is not too bad today', GI/G2, p. 14, 26.6.2003.






China is in the midst of its third great wave of executions

in the last quarter-century, a campaign in which

as many as 191 people have been executed in a single day,

according to state news media.

Since President Jiang Zemin announced the crackdown in April,

at least 3,000 people have been executed,

and double or triple that number have been sentenced to death.

The pace of executions shows no sign of abating.

    Torture is Fueling a Frenzy of Death Sentences in China, IHT, p. 2, 12.9.2001.






I've been having an affair with a married man since separating

from my husband five years ago.

I have two children - the youngest starts university next year.

My lover says his wife is neurotic and that, if he left,

his daughter would become neurotic, too.

We have fantastic sex and get on marvellously.

Privates lives, GE/GE2, p. 8, 2.11.2001.




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