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grammaire anglaise > syntaxe > formes verbales > impératif


formes affirmative ou négative

à l'actif ou au passif


sens et valeurs


énonciation première,

sortie du continuum, de la routine énonciative,




instructions, mode d'emploi,

conseil, avertissement, intimation,

injonction, ordre,

mot d'ordre, revendication,


incitation à faire / prendre conscience de...,











impératif > forme affirmative > Base Verbale (BV)


Wither! Die!






Edgar Rice Burroughs


July 30, 2021

















'Believe your eyes'




















March 2020:

the message in the window of a closed clothing store in Stonegate, York,

reads: ‘Stick together, take care, stay strong, be kind’


Photograph: Richard Saker


Northern encounters: lockdown life in Yorkshire – in pictures

‘These images are fleeting moments of the everyday,’

says Observer photographer Richard Saker.

‘More than anything I hope they are a testimony to the human spirit

and show people getting on with their lives,

as best they can in these uncertain times.

It has felt more important than ever to take pictures during this particular period.

One day soon we will look back and try to make sense of it all

and I believe photographs are the best way of remembering’


Mon 22 Feb 2021    07.00 GMT



















The Guardian        p. 18        10 February 2007
















The Guardian        p. 8        19 January 2006

















The Guardian        G2        pp. 6-7        19 June 2007















formes verbales > impératif


doauxiliaire + Base Verbale



Do mention the war


Tony Blair has lost the argument over Iraq,

and now seeks to evade the issue.

But today's protest will hold him to account 


"Don't mention the war"

may seem to him like the only plausible policy,

but it is a curious start

for the prime minister's new "listening" strategy

and it will not calm the vast movement of opposition to the war

and to the lies which have attended it.

Headline, G, Headline and sub headline, paragraph,
















formes verbales > impératif


let + N + Base Verbale




Store your CV on line

and let employers search for you

Guardian.co.uk/jobs ad,
p. 13, 19.11.2002.















formes verbales > impératif > forme négative


valeurs > ordre, demande, conseil


forme pleine :

doauxiliaire + not + Base Verbale



forme contractée :

doauxiliairen't + Base Verbale


Don't Focus On Kids' Weight Gain.

Focus On Healthy Habits Instead







































































































































The Guardian        G2        pp. 8-9        19 June 2007
















Do not press your panic button unless you are dying.

Do not talk out the window. Do not sit on the window sill.

Do not kick your door. Do not make a wick.

Do not steal from your fellow prisoners. Do not smoke on your bed.

Do not seal your outgoing mail. Do not play-fight with your cellmate.

Do not lend or borrow. Do not make holes in the walls.

Do not graffiti on the furniture. Do not damage any prison property.

Get used to it, you live here now.

"Fine," I said.

The prison officer shut the door.

"What do I do?"

A thousand days of despair:
People are shocked by a 14-year-old prisoner's suicide. Not me,






Don't mention the dead


When the body of US soldier Artimus Brassfield

was flown to the military mortuary at Dover, Delaware,

there were no TV pictures

of a flag-covered coffin and hero's salute

- the White House has banned media coverage at the base.

But can Bush's efforts to hide the body bags

quell growing public disquiet over the death toll in Iraq?

Gary Younge reports

Headline / sub,
















formes verbales > impératif sans doauxiliaire


Base Verbale + not




The Guardian        Global Warming pullout        p. 4        27 June 2007
















formes verbales > impératif au passif


beauxiliaire + verbeau participe passé


be heard





homepage screenshot        Generation Rent        13 February 2021















formes verbales > impératif > autres énoncés





Joe Heller



July 24, 2016



















The Guardian        p. 14        6 December 2008
































6 / 8 May 2004

















The Guardian        Society 1        p. 19        15 March 2006
















The Guardian        p. 8        20 February 2006















The Guardian        p.11        15.7.2006


















The Guardian        Technology        p. 8        5.1.2006
















The Guardian        Work        p. 13        29.10.2005
















4 October 2004















The Guardian        Technology        p. 10        20 October 2005
















Rob Rogers


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,



















Rex Morgan        Woody Wilson and Graham Nolan        10.10.2004

















9 October 2004














Sport frontpage        9 October 2004














The Guardian        p. 20        21.4.2005
















The Guardian        p. 4        23.10.2004
















The Guardian        p. 5        25.8.2004

















Spiderman        Stan Lee        12.2.2005















Steve Roper and Mike Nomad

Fran Matera        Created by Allen Saunders        30.10.2004















Mark Trail        Jack Elrod        Created by Ed Dodd        18.10.2004














Rex Morgan M.D.        Woody Wilson and Graham Nolan        3.7.2004

















Guardian        p. 13        28 August 2004
















Guardian        p. 30        28.8.2004

















6 September 2004















Look what we've got in store


The Science Museum is opening the doors

to its archive of 170,000 objects.

Simon Rogers takes a sneak preview

before the guided tours begin

Headline and sub,






Spend, spend ... no, don't spend


Lloyd Shepherd reckons he can top Gordon Brown

when it comes to budgeting.

Introducing a spending review into the household

might bring him some extra pennies,

but it's no road to popularity.

Headline and sub,






How smart are you?

Find out!

Take the FREE IQ Test now!

Tickle.com ad, R, 16.1.2004.






Make your money make money!

Orange, ad, R, 16.1.2004






Check your spelling

Try using synonyms or alternative phrases

(e.g. football instead of soccer)

Broaden your search by using more general terms

(e.g. Personal Finance instead of savings)

Narrow your search by using more specific terms

DM search tips, 11.10.2003.






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Q web page, 29.9.2003.






In case of fire, get out, stay out, call 999. (...)

- Put out cigarettes and candles properly.

- Switch things off

if they're not in use, especially at night.

- Keep matches and lighters away from children.

Fire kills, you can prevent it, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister ad,






Buy 2 - get 3rd free!

on all chart games

Dixons, Santa Lives!, ad,
T, p. 13, 29.11.2002.






Sprinkle chicken with paprika. In a large skillet,

brown chicken in 2 teaspoons butter.

Place the vegetables in a greased 13-in. x 9-in. x 2-in. baking dish.

Top with chicken.

Melt the remaining butter;

stir in the tarragon, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Pour over chicken and vegetables.

Cover and bake at 350° for 30-35 minutes

or until chicken juices run clear and vegetables are tender.

dycon.aspparent=18548&RefURL=&KeyCode=&PMCode=&OrgURL= - broken link
















impératif > forme affirmative > invitation













Voir aussi > Anglonautes > Grammaire anglaise explicative - niveau avancé





doauxiliaire > sémantisme



doauxiliaire > validation



doauxiliaire > négation



doauxiliaire > épistémique



doauxiliaire > rhétorique > répétition



doauxiliaire > rhétorique > insistance, emphase



Forme-ing > N-ing autonome



N-ing autonome  ≠  Impératif



présent simple :

information inédite, factuelle, objective,

non commentée, non dramatisée >

sortie de la redite, du continuum



actif  ≠  passif




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