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Nsujet + haveauxiliaire + Nobjet + verbebase verbale



Cardell Gay, now 56, can still feel the wallop of water

as Eugene (Bull) Connor,

the feared police chief who embodied segregation in Birmingham,

had firemen aim their hoses at him.

Veterans of Civil Rights Struggle Try to Pass On Their Legacy,
NYT/Le Monde, p. 5, 11/12.5.2003.










Nsujet + haveauxiliaire + Nobjet + verbeau participe passé



Epsilon email hack:

millions of customers' details stolen

Customers of Barclaycard US, Capital One

and other companies warned

after attack on marketing email provider Epsilon

Share Josh Halliday
Monday 4 April 2011
18.16 BST


Epsilon email hack:

customers of Barclaycard US had

their names and email addresses stolen.

Epsilon email hack: millions of customers' details stolen,






Ferguson has pacemaker fitted


Manchester United have revealed

that manager Sir Alex Ferguson has had a pacemaker fitted.

Headline ans subg, G, 12.3.2004,






Republican sources say that takeknife would "joke and laugh"

as he had people beaten, burnt, stripped and killed

in front of him.

Stakeknife: the mole at the heart of the IRA,
The Week, p. 18, 17.5.2003.






Five years ago

the lord Chancellor had his official apartement refurbished

at public expense costing £650,000.

The court of Charles / How many palaces does a prince need?,
GE, p. 9,










Nsujet + haveauxiliaire + verbebase verbale au passif + into + N



If the senior dancers had to be coaxed into shedding their inhibitions, they also had to be drilled mercilessly. In pure dance terms, Kontakthof is one of Bausch's most minimal pieces and none of its steps is beyond the older cast. But even if full-bodied virtuosity was never required of them, the seniors were still expected to acquire scarily professional levels of accuracy and coordination. Endicott does not gloss over the problems she had in getting them all "to count, stay in formation, learn not to fidget and remember their steps. The learning process starts to slow down as you get older and we needed a lot of patience. There were some furious rows - I guess we all got a bit frustrated."

Growing old disgracefully:
How a bunch of untrained 60-somethings are breathing new life
into a Pina Bausch classic,
G, 27.11.2002,










Nsujet + haveauxiliaire + verbebase verbale + into + N



The Prince of Wales had to talk Camilla Parker Bowles into agreeing to marry him because she did not want to be the King's wife, it has been was reported.

Camilla did not want to take on the responsibility and extra attention that will come with the role and was happy as she was, according to the Mirror.

The paper reported that the issue was settled because the Queen was worried about what would happen if she died and Charles and Camilla were still not married.

Camilla reluctant to wed - report, PA, 12.2.2005.










toviseur -> haveauxiliaire + Nobjet + verbeau participe passé



The three children of a wealthy solicitor,

whose will left his fortune of up to £7m to the second wife

he had branded "Hitler" and "a witch",

won their legal battle yesterday

to have the will declared invalid.

Lawyer's children defeat new wife in £7m will battle:
Evidence of woman he called 'a witch' found neither credible nor true,
so she has to pay costs of more than she will inherit,
G, 14.7.2004,










could -> haveauxiliaire + Nobjet + verbeau participe passé



"By his word he could kill them,

have them tortured, have them rescued again,

have them rewarded.

Life and death depended on his whim."

The psychoanalyst Erich Fromm used these words to describe

the "refined sadism" of Josef Stalin, who took delight in playing

with the minds of his victims before he ordered

the destruction of their bodies.

A View Inside the Mind of the Dictator: Cruelty, but Not Insanity,
NYT/Le Monde, p. 2, 11/12.5.2003.











Nsujet + haveauxiliaire + N + Base Verbale + Nobjet


- faire faire quelque chose par quelqu'un


- se faire faire quelque chose par quelqu'un


- ordonner à quelqu'un de faire quelque chose




G.O.P. Lawmakers Push

to Have Boston Suspect Questioned

as Enemy Combatant


April 21, 2013



— Some Republican lawmakers want President Obama

to declare the surviving Boston bombing suspect

an enemy combatant in order to question him

without a lawyer and other protections

of the criminal justice system, intensifying a recurring debate

over how to handle terrorism cases arising

inside the United States.

    G.O.P. Lawmakers Push to Have Boston Suspect Questioned as Enemy Combatant,
    NYT, 21.4.2013,










modal + have + Nobjet + séquence-ing



It is a story with components that would have

most conspiracy theorists running for the nearest tinfoil

hat shop: a radical media organisation, the FBI

and an apparently anonymous foreign government.

Heavy hand of the law :
Last week's seizure of material belonging to anti-globalisation websites
could have serious consequences for citizen publishers.
Bobbie Johnson reports,











GV + Nobjet + préposition + -ing










Nsujet + make + Nobjet + Base Verbale


The Folk Devil Made Me Do It


September 1, 2021    NPR













Nsujet + see + Nobjet + Base Verbale


exemple dans prochaine édition










GVpassif + préposition + -ing


exemple dans prochaine édition










Nsujet + see + Nobjet + Base Verbale



Likely Bush victory sees UK shares soar


UK shares hit a new two-year high today

as George Bush looked set to win a second term

without all of the uncertainties of four years ago.

Headline and §1,




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