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Cash machine crime 'up 85%'


Cash machine fraud has soared by 85%,

causing losses of 61m during the past year,

according to figures released today by the card payment industry

    Headline and 1, 10.11.2004,






Six die in 100mph horror

as train smashes into car

150 people injured at unmanned crossing

Coaches crushed as they jump the tracks

Suicide bid investigated

    Headline and subs, O, 7.11.2004,






Cancer hero Tomlinson

honoured by university


Terminal cancer sufferer Jane Tomlinson,

who has raised almost 500,000 for charity

by competiting in sports events,

will today receive an honorary degree

from the University of Dundee.

    Headline and sub,






Creationist fears over school takeover

    Headline, G, 21.6.2004,






British soldiers face new charges of Iraq brutality   

    Headline, IoS, 15.2.2004,






Bomb joke girl tells of airport nightmare

    Headline / NoW frontpage, 8.2.2004, full text:










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