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traduction du franšais vers l'anglais


tournure impersonnelle > "on"



N + GVpassif
















The Guardian        p. 17        2.12.2005















"When I saw it, I was so moved," he said.

"I was seen to be sobbing in my seat

and at the end of it had to be carted out

by about three people."

    Billy Elliot to make stage debut, G, 23.6.2004,






Rebirth of the grand ocean liner

or cursed nostalgia?

The ship they call 'Bloody Mary'

takes to the seas

    Headline, I, 22.12.2003,






Thomas Hardy, we are told,

gained inspiration for his novels from stories in his local paper.

So what tales might he have spun from the pages

of today's Dorset Echo?

    Judith the Obscure, G/G2, p. 4, 6.8.2003.





But we should also honour the dead.

If they can rename Liverpool Airport after John Lennon

and call a Parisian street after a black musician

and revolutionary, why not name West Croydon station

after Samuel Coleridge-Taylor?

'The Black Dvorak', GE/Review, p. V, 3.1.2003.










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