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pronom réfléchi yourself  <->  pronoms simple  /  réfléchi  /  Ø



Le pronom réfléchi yourself

se traduit souvent

par un pronom simple (1-5):





Spy Guardian Pro

Protect yourself

[ protégez-vous ]

from spying eyes.

Perfect Downlads homepage, copié 12.2.2005,






Brace Yourself!

[ préparez-vous ]

Here Comes Einstein's Year

    Headline, NYT, January 25, 2005,






Turn yourself

[ transformez-vous ]

into a diamond :

tips from science on a good life,

and death

    Headline, G, 29.11.2004,






The self-control that had served him so long broke down in public on June 22 on the floor of the Senate during a photo session. As Cheney was posing with members, Senator Patrick Leahy ambled over. Leahy, the ranking Democrat on the judiciary committee, had recently been critical, along with other Democrats, of no-bid contracts in Iraq granted to Halliburton, the company Cheney had run and in which he still holds stock options and receives deferred compensation (despite his prior claims to the contrary). "Go fuck yourself," [ va te faire foutre ] the vice president greeted him.

    When Cheney's mask slips, it reveals Bush:
    Nothing will persuade the president to drop his mentor from the team,
    not even an explosion of expletives, G, 1.7.2004,






Blowing yourself up [ se faire exploser ] for political reasons  is a complex symbolic act, one that mixes despair and defiance. It proclaims that even death is preferable to your wretched way of life. The act of self-dispossession writes dramatically large the self-dispossession that is your routine existence. Laying violent hands on yourself is a more graphic image of what your enemy does to you anyway. At the same time, the bomber forces a contrast between the extreme kind of self-determination involved in taking his own life and the lack of such self-determination in his everyday existence. If he could live in the way he dies, he would not need to die. At least his death can be his death, and thus a taste of freedom. The only form of sovereignty left to you is the power to dispose of your own death. Suicide, as Dostoevsky recognised, means the death of God, since you usurp his divine monopoly over life and death. What more breathtaking form of omnipotence than to do away with yourself [ se / vous faire exploser ] for all eternity?

    A different way of death, G, 26.1.2005,






Do-It-Yourself Fairy Tale Kit

    BBC, Created: 5th October 2000, copié 12.2.2005,






Why 'Do it Yourself'?


There are a variety of reasons why you might want to arrange a funeral yourself. Not only can it be less expensive (according to a Which report, there can be a saving of up to £800) - but you may also find that having a close involvement in arranging a funeral helps you come to terms with the loss. Some people feel this task is one last thing they can do for the deceased person - and others just desire a more personal approach.

Do-it-yourself when applied to funerals, can mean playing a small part, such as personalising the ceremony in some way or having family members as pall bearers - to undertaking everything, from laying out the body, delivering it to the crematorium and back-filling the grave.

Anyone contemplating a full do-it-yourself funeral should begin with a very thorough understanding of what a funeral is - that is, a complex, many-sided event. In the course of a lifetime you might attend several funerals - but viewing from the sidelines is not the same as taking on the responsibility for organising the event. It's just one of the many tasks to be undertaken after a death - and the majority of us are happy to hand it over to a funeral director.

    Relationships > Coping with grief - Practical Issues, bbc.co.uk, copié 12.2.2005,






You will need two passport size photographs of yourself if:

- this is the first time that you are applying for a freedom pass

- your appearance has significantly changed

since your freedom pass photocard was issued

- you have a Registered Blind Person’s Identity Card

(a new Disabled freedom pass photocard and Disabled

freedom pass will be issued)

- you have an Elderly freedom pass photocard

without a photograph because you are registered as blind

(a new Elderly freedom pass photocard will be issued).

    Transport for London > Applying for a freedom pass, copié 12.2.2005,