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grammaire anglaise > vocabulaire > formation / transformation


verbe / GV -> adjectif


The Guardian        Film and Music        p. 1        9 December 2005















would be -> would-be


Bodies of would-be Musharraf assassins found  







must have -> must have


Find the must have Xmas video game

Frontpage headline, Mi, 8.12.2003.






wake up -> wake-up


New vice-chancellor fights shy of top-up fees

and sees funding shake-up for higher education

as a wake-up call for universities

First woman takes over at Cambridge, G, 1.10.2003,






understand -> understandable


Learning that you have lost your job can be devastating news. Why have they sacked you?, you wonder. What will you do now? And how will you pay the rent? However, Dr Susan Cartwright, an Occupational Psychologist at Umist believes redundancy can actually be a wonderful opportunity to reassess your life. "It is a major life-changing experience so it is understandable that people dread redundancy, but it can provide people with the chance to do something that they really want to be doing," she argues.

    Rule one: don't panic: Getting the chop is always a shock,
    but it could turn out to be the best thing that happened to you.
    Sarah Dawson talks to some who have been found surplus
    to requirements and passes on some tips, G, 9.6.2003,