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adjectif -> nom (adjectif substantivé / nominalisé)





HOME: MAY 7, 2004:


Defending the Innocent in Texas


Five years ago, when UT School of Law professor Bill Allison received a call from the Wisconsin Innocence Project asking if he would act as local counsel for Christopher Ochoa – who after more than a decade in prison, was eventually cleared by DNA evidence of the 1988 Austin murder of Nancy DePriest – he had no idea that his agreement to take on the case would change the course of his legal practice.

Throughout the Ochoa case, as Allison learned in harrowing detail how an innocent man could be caught up in the criminal justice system, he wondered about how many more Ochoas there might be. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice houses over 126,000 inmates in 60 prisons all over the state. Given the number of exonerations being reported all over the U.S., Allison figured that there must be dozens, if not hundreds, of innocent people serving time for crimes they did not commit. Allison spoke with his UT colleagues Bob Dawson and David Sheppard about starting an innocence project at UT. "The subject matter is so fascinating," Allison said, "we talked about it constantly."

    Headline and first §§, Austinchronicle.com, 7.5.2004,






Rich benefit most

from improved treatment of cancer,

study claims 


Rich people are more likely to survive cancer

than poor people in England and Wales,

and the gulf in their life chances has been steadily widening,

according to research released yesterday.

    Headline, G, 10.3.2004,