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grammaire anglaise > vocabulaire > formation / transformation


mot + suffixe + suffixe > mot + -less + -ness




jobless (adjectif ou N) + -ness


joblessness (N)







Mike Keefe

The Denver Post


19 November 2010















law -> lawless -> lawlessness


American troops and Iraqi security forces

launched a major operation to regain control of Mosul

yesterday, after a week of lawlessness

which saw large parts of Iraq's third city fall

under the control of militants determined

to open a new front in the insurgency.

US push to rid Mosul of insurgents,
G, 1, 17.11.2004,






home -> homeless / homeless -> homelessness


At the end of June, a total of 93,480 households in England

were living in accomodation arranged by local authorities

under homelessness legislation

-14 per cent more than in 2002.

About 20 per cent of the households were homeless

because of the breakdown of a relationship between partners.

Big rise in homeless under Labour rule, I, p. 10, 11.9.2003.