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grammaire anglaise > vocabulaire > formation / transformation


nom <-> nom > mot-valise / portmanteau word





Smoke <-> Fog -> Smog


The great smog of 1952 was so thick people

could not see their feet.

Some of the 4,000 who died in the five days it lasted

did not suffer lung problems

- they fell into the Thames and drowned

because they could not see the river.

50 years after the great smog, a new killer arises:
Attention turns to car fumes on anniversary of 1952 disaster,







portmanteau word

"a word composed of parts of two or more words,

such as chortle from chuckle and snort and motel

from motor and hotel.

The term was first used by Lewis Carroll

to describe many of the unusual words

in his Through the Looking-Glass (1871),

particularly in the poem “Jabberwocky.”

Other authors who have experimented with such words

are James Joyce and Gerard Manley Hopkins. "

    Source : Encyclopædia Britannica,