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grammaire anglaise > vocabulaire > formation / transformation




nominal > verbal





Adam / Eve -> Adam / Eve   


Would you Adam and Eve it?

Atheism teaching will be dull next to the richness of religion

    Headline and sub, G, 17.2.2004,






x-ray -> x-ray


Mr Bray responded fiercely: "I am looking forward very much to resuming the debate with Gabriele." He hopes that an x-ray, the first in recent times, may help resolve the dispute.

"She has only been x-rayed once, a long time ago, but the technology has improved so much we hope to be able to see a lot more now. We may find under-drawing which could help solve the question of authorship, and it would be interesting to see if she was painted over another portrait - there could be a man under that cloak."

    The mystery of the Lady in the Fur Wrap : Is it an El Greco?
    National Gallery hopes an x-ray of a great work will end the debate, G, 7.2.2004,






Good woman -> good woman


The stranger stood looking more

like an angry diving-helmet than ever.

It was universally felt in the bar

that Mrs. Hall had the better of him.

His next words showed as much.

"Look here, my good woman -- " he began.

"Don't good woman me," said Mrs. Hall.

    The Invisible Man, "The Unveiling of the Stranger", H. G. Wells,