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History > America, English America, United States of America, World


20th century > 1939-1945 > World War 2


USA, Germany, Europe, World


Timeline in pictures




Antisemitism, Holocaust / Shoah


Nazi era, Adolf Hitler


Nuremberg trials


Munich agreement


Annexation of Austria



invasion / partition







graphic / distressing content


These pages contain

extremely graphic scenes

of human suffering.


Please exercise caution

when viewing.





USA, UK, Europe > Holocaust

Nuremberg trials




Survivors, refugees, displaced persons




Fort Ontario Refugee Camp - Oswego, New York




What the Allies knew

about the Holocaust -

Antisemitism worldwide

before and after Hitler's rise to power



What the Allies knew about the Holocaust -

Jan Karski    1914-2000



USA, UK, Europe, Middle East

Antisemitism, Holocaust

Timeline in pictures



Germany > Nazi era

Antisemitism > Holocaust / Shoah > War criminals

Adolf Eichmann    1906-1962



Antisemitism > Holocaust

Poland > Oswiecim / Auschwitz



Antisemitism > Holocaust

Germany > Bergen-Belsen



Antisemitism > Holocaust

Germany > Buchenwald



Antisemitism > Holocaust

Germany > Dachau



Antisemitism > Holocaust

Germany >

Dora-Mittelbau / Dora-Nordhausen / Nordhausen

Holocaust of Gardelegen



Europe > Antisemitism > Ghettos

Czechoslavakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland



Europe > Antisemitism > Ghettos

Warsaw ghetto



Germany > Nazi era

Industry, forced labor, slave laborers



France > Régime de Vichy

Antisemitism, Collaboration



France > Régime de Vichy

Camps > Maps



France > Régime de Vichy

Maurice Papon    1910-2007



France > Régime de VIchy

René Bousquet    1909-1993



France > Régime de Vichy

Philippe Pétain    1856-1951



France > Régime de Vichy

Pierre Laval    1883-1945



France > Régime de Vichy > La milice



Nazi era / WW2 > Germany

German Resistance to Hitler



Munich agreement, Annexation of Austria,

Czechoslovakia invasion / partition    1938-1939



Nazis invade Poland    1 September 1939



Germany and other countries

Axis powers, Nazi era



Germany > Nazi era > Propaganda

Leni Riefenstahl    1902-2003



Germany > Nazi era > War criminals

Paul Joseph Goebbels    1897-1945



Germany > Nazi era > War criminals

Heinrich Himmler    1900-1945



Germany > Nazi era > War criminals

Adolf Hitler    1889-1945



Germany > Nazi era > War criminals

Franz Josef Huber    1902-1975











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Allies and Axis leaders



UK, British Empire

Kindertransport    1938-1940






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genocide, war,

weapons, arms sales,

espionage, torture



conflicts, wars, climate, poverty >

asylum seekers,

displaced people, migrants, refugees



terrorism, global terrorism, militant groups,

intelligence, spies, surveillance



slavery, eugenics,

race relations, racial divide, racism,

segregation, civil rights







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The New York Times > Topics > WW2




Canada > Canadian War Posters Collection




The Guardian > Second World War > Holocaust




Second world war > Stalingrad




Second World War > Liberation




Second World War > Aftermath




BBC Archive





Le Monde Diplomatique > Seconde guerre mondiale 1939-1945




US “sand pounders” / Coast Guardsmen











The Guardian > Holocaust






The New York Times > Holocaust and the Nazi Era






The New York Times > Nazi hunting






United States Holocaust Memorial Museum






David Bankier, Scholar of Holocaust






“The Righteous Among the Nations”






Max Dax et Jan Kedves s’entretiennent

avec Claude Lanzmann, réalisateur du film "Shoah"

Edité le : 15-01-2010

Dernière mise à jour le : 20-01-2010

http://www.arte.tv/fr/Comprendre-le-monde/Shoah/3029998.html - broken URL






« Apocalypse » ou l’histoire malmenée


Difficile de ne pas se réjouir

quand des millions de téléspectateurs

suivent près de six heures d’émissions

sur la seconde guerre mondiale.



avec la série documentaire « Apocalypse »,

leur esprit critique fut peu... mobilisé.


Car le fil rouge des programmes

— le combat contre « tous les totalitarismes » —

frappe par son caractère consensuel.


Et il écarte nombre de contradictions

relatives au rôle des démocraties.


La même musique idéologique

accompagne le vingtième anniversaire

de la chute du Mur.


Par Lionel Richard

Le Monde Diplomatique

Novembre 2009









keeper of the world’s largest Holocaust archive






The Florida Holocaust Museum








Arolsen Archives


Clarifying fates

and looking for missing persons:

for decades,

these were the central tasks

of the Arolsen Archives.


Our work in the fields

of research and education

is more important than ever

to inform today’s society

about the crimes

perpetrated by the Nazis.


The comprehensive online archive

is an essential part of what we do.


As an international center

on Nazi persecution,

we see it as our mission to contribute

to debate on remembrance

and coming to terms with the Nazi period,

political persecution and racism.






German History in Documents and Images    GHDI





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