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History > 20th century > WW2 (1939-1945) > USA, World > Timeline in pictures > Prisoners




Released Prisoners Of War

Closeup of the haunting stare

of an emaciated American war prisoner

as he lies on cot

after his liberation from German prison camp

by Allied forces.


Location: Limburg, Germany

Date taken: April 1945


Photographer: John Florea

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American soldiers

guarding German prisoners captured

near the town of Le Gast

during the fight for the Normandy area.


Location: Normandy, France

Date taken: August 1944


Photographer: Frank Scherschel

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Eric Sutherland Lomax    1919-2012


The experience

of three and a half years

of slave labour

and torture

as a prisoner of war

of the Japanese,

on the notorious

Burma-Siam railway,

dominated the rest

of the life of Eric Lomax.






















French woman,

stepping forward from jeering crowd,

curses captured German soldier

who is being marched through town

at gunpoint by member

of the French Resistance.


Location: Saint Mihiel, France


Date taken: September 1944

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French girl vents anger

by kicking at a passing German prisoner

on his way to confinement

after being captured.


Location: Toulon, France


Date taken: September 26, 1944

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Alfred Krupp,

head of the great armament plant at Essen,

being taken in

by American soldiers for questioning

in the waning days of WWII.


Location: Germany

Date taken: 1945


Photographer: William Vandivert

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Industrialist Alfred Krupp

standing in front

of George Harcourt

[English Painter, 1868-1948]

portrait of his family

while under house arrest

for alleged war crimes

at his ancestral home,

the Villa Hugel.


Location: Essen, Germany

Date taken: July 17, 1945


Photographer: Margaret Bourke-White

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Ernst Tengelmann,

the largest independent coal mine owner in Germany,

under house arrest for his Nazi activites... (sic)


Location: Essen, Germany

Date taken: July 17, 1945


Photographer: Margaret Bourke-White

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German prisoner-of-war camps        Colditz Castle













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