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History > 20th century > WW2 (1939-1945) > USA, World > Timeline in pictures


USA > Home Front





Us Industry War Production


Line of 500-lbs. bombs

jiggling along on overhead conveyor hooks

as a worker nonchalantly goes about his duties

in room below at the A. O. Smith bomb plant

where production has increased so much

they are 8% over monthly quota.


Location: Milwaukee, WI, US

Date taken: May 1944


Photograph: Andreas Feininger

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Wwii Home Front


Rows of finished jeeps

churned out in mass production for war effort

as WWII allies plan for inevitable invasion

of Nazi-occupied Europe.


Location: Toledo, OH, US

Date taken: June 1942


Photographer: Dmitri Kessel

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Auto Industry At War


Brand new assembly line at Detroit Tank Arsenal

operated by Chrysler

which is turning out 28-ton tanks

by mass-production methods.


Location: Detroit, MI, US

Date taken: February 1942


Photographer: Gordon Coster

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Lathe operator

machining parts for transport planes

at the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation plant,

Fort Worth, Texas

1 transparency.

Hollem, Howard R., photographer.

LC-USW36-421 LC-DIG-fsac-1a34951

(digital file from original transparency)

October 1942



Primary source > Library of Congress


















Ww Ii Memorabilia

WWII patriotic "We Can Do It" poster by J. Howard Miller

featuring woman factory worker in bandana

rolling up her sleeve & flexing her arm muscles.


Location: US

Date taken: 1985


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Don't Listen To Mr. Shickelgruber!

Collection: Ad*Access

Category: World War II (1942 - 1945)

Category: Conservation: 1943-1945

Company: War Production Board

Product: Waste Fats

Sponsor: Industry

Source: Newark Evening News

Source: Newspaper

Year: 1943

Number of Pages: 1

Description: caricature of miniature Hitler

Subject: War--Conservation


Item Number: W0073


Duke University > Ad*Access
















The creation

of the United Service


also known as USO,

in 1941

was a collaborative effort

by the Salvation Army,

the YMCA, the YWCA,

National Catholic

Community Services,

National Travelers

Aid Association,

and the National Jewish

Welfare Board

to heed President

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s call

for an armed services

morale booster.


With its main hub

in Times Square,

over 3,000 USO clubs

cropped up worldwide

in just three years

after it was founded,

entertaining GI’s

with Hollywood performers

as well as providing them

with a place to relax

and socialize.

http://www.thedailybeast.com/newsweek/galleries/2011/10/02/history-of-the-uso-photos.html - broken URL















Home front






















Women at war:

building Roosevelt's 'Arsenal of Democracy'

– in pictures


















Victory gardens


Of all the celebrated

nostalgic markers of World War II,

few are as memorable

as America’s victory gardens

— those open lots,

rooftops and backyards

made resplendent

with beets, broccoli,

kohlrabi, parsnips and spinach

to substitute

for the commercial crops

diverted to troops overseas

during the war.


The gardens

were strongly encouraged

by the American government

during World War I

as part of the at-home efforts,

yet they became

immensely more popular

with the introduction

of food rationing

during the Second World War

as processed and canned foods

were shipped abroad.















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