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History > 20th century > Cold War > Timeline in pictures > Late 1940s - late 1980s



Cuba, USA > early 21st, 20th century



Cuba, USA > early 21st, 20th century

Fidel Castro    1926 or 1927 - 2016



El Salvador’s civil war    1980s-1992



South America

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay

Operation Condor    1970s-1980s




Prague spring and Soviet invasion    1968



Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba

Che Guevara    1928-1967




Berlin Wall    1961-1989



USSR / СССР, Poland

Dissidents / диссиденты




McCarthyism anti-Communist witch hunts

Joseph R. McCarthy    1908-1957



Hungarian Revolution    1956



China, Korea, UK, USA

Korean War    1950-1953




Ethel Greenglass Rosenberg    1915-1953

and Julius Rosenberg    1918-1953



Germany is divided    1949



USA, USSR / СССР, Germany,

Hungary, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia,

Cuba, Chile, Nicaragua, El Salvador,

Vietnam, Korea, China, Moon










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20th century > 1962-1975

Cold War > Vietnam War > USA



Apollo 11 > Man on the moon - 20 July 1969



Science > Aeronautics > Katherine Johnson    1918-2020



20th century > USA > Civil rights






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nuclear weapons



Moon > Apollo 11

First lunar landing

20 July 1969



Moon > Apollo 10

Testing the Lunar Module in lunar orbit

10-18 May 1969



Moon > Apollo 8

First human journey to another world

21-27 December 1968








Secret files from 70s

reveal Trident strike needed

'to kill 10m Russians'


Whitehall documents written in 1970s

and marked 'personal and top secret'

show logic of British Cold War deterrent







Dagmar Searchinger        1916-2011


founder of Women Strike for Peace,

a cold war movement that helped organize

demonstrations around the world

calling for nuclear disarmament







Roy Richard Rubottom Jr.        1912-2010


a diplomat who influenced

and helped hone

United States policy

toward Latin America in the late 1950s,

a time of economic and political tumult

that culminated in Fidel Castro’s

takeover in Cuba







The National Security Archive / The George Washington University

The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962








Cold War

The global superpower stand-off

that brought the world

to the brink of destruction.