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History > 20th century > USA > Civil rights > White supremacist violence > Ku Klux Klan


Edgar Ray Killen    1925-2017





 Mr. Killen [ left ]

with the Neshoba County deputy sheriff Cecil Price

in October 1967 in Meridian, Miss.,

where they awaited verdicts in the murders.


According to testimony,

Sheriff Price had notified Mr. Killen

that he was holding the three men,

allowing time for Mr. Killen

to gather fellow Klansmen to trap them.


Photograph: Jack Thornell/Associated Press


Edgar Ray Killen, Convicted in ’64 Killings of Rights Workers, Dies at 92


JAN. 12, 2018
















Edgar Ray Killen    1925-2017


former Klansman

who was sentenced

to a 60-year prison term in 2005

for arranging the murders

of three young civil rights workers

outside Philadelphia, Miss., in 1964

during the Freedom Summer drive

to register Southern black voters




Mr. Killen was convicted

of state manslaughter charges

41 years to the day

after James Earl Chaney, 21,

a black man from Meridian, Miss.,

and two white New Yorkers,

Andrew Goodman, 20,

and Michael Schwerner, 24,

disappeared in a death trap set

by a local deputy sheriff

and a gang of his fellow

Ku Klux Klansmen.


He was prosecuted

in one of the South’s

major “atonement” trials,

in which the Mississippi authorities

revisited civil rights-era atrocities.


He was convicted

of a crime that galvanized

the civil rights movement,

stamped the town of Philadelphia

as an outpost of terror

and inspired

the 1988 Hollywood movie

“Mississippi Burning,”


Mr. Killen

was a founding member of the Klan

in the Philadelphia area

and its chief recruiter,

according to the F.B.I.


He had been among 18 men

tried in 1967 on federal charges

of conspiring to violate

the civil rights of Mr. Chaney,

Mr. Goodman and Mr. Schwerner.
















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