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History > 20th century > USA > Civil rights > Alfred Daniel Williams King    1930-1969




Children sift through the wreckage of homes destroyed

during the rioting that erupted

following the racially motivated bombing

of the nearby home of Reverend AD King,

brother of Martin Luther King,

and the Gaston Motel,

where King and others organising the protests had stayed


Unseen photographs of civil rights conflict in Birmingham, Alabama, 1963


In spring 1963,

African American civil rights activists in Alabama

started the Birmingham campaign,

a series of sit-ins, boycotts and marches against segregation laws.

The peaceful demonstrations

were met with violence, teargas and police dogs.

The events were a turning point in the civil rights movement,

making front-page news around the world.

The Observer dispatched photographer Colin Jones to cover the story

and capture the activism centred around the 16th Street Baptist church.

Many of these images, discovered in the Observerís picture archive,

have never before been published.


Sat 12 May 2018    13.34 BST

















Alfred Daniel Williams King    1930-1969


Although Alfred Daniel King,

called A.D.

by family and friends,

lived in the shadows

of his famous brother,

Martin Luther King, Jr.,

he was a participant

in the African American

freedom struggle

often appearing

at his brotherís side

in movements in Atlanta

and Birmingham.

















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