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History > UK, USA > 2014



United Kingdom



United States of America




















United Kingdom


Poverty (I)


Politics (I)


Violence (I)


Police (I)


Justice (I)


Faith (I)


Weather > Flooding (I)






















United States of America


Economy (I)


Economy (II)


Poverty (I)






Health (I)


Health (II)


Mental health (I)







Faith (I)






Internet (I)






Education (I)






Politics > Midterm elections (I)


President / White House (I)


President / White House (II)


President / White House (III)


U.S. Congress > House of Representatives (I)


U.S. Congress > Senate (I)


States (I)






Violence (I)


Gun violence (I)


Gun violence (II)


Gun violence (III)


U.S.A. / Mexico > Drugs (I)


Police (I)






Justice (I)


Justice (II)


Jail, prison (I)


Jail, prison (II)


Death Penalty (I)


Death penalty (II)


Supreme Court (I)


Supreme Court (II)






N.S.A. (I)


C.I.A. (I)






Immigration (I)


Immigration (II)


African-Americans (I)


African-Americans (II)


Asian-Americans (I)






Gay rights (I)


Gay rights (II)






International (I)


International (II)


International (III)


International (IV)


International (V)


Afghanistan (I)


Afghanistan (II)


Iraq (I)


Pentagon (I)


Terrrorism (I)






Environment, weather, climate (I)


Environment, weather, climate (II)