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History > 20th century > USA > Civil rights era > Timeline in pictures > 1920s-1970s


warning: graphic



James Earl Ray    1928-1998



Black Power, Black Panthers, BLA, Move    1960s-1970s



Civil rights era > Timeline    1920s-1970s



Poor people campaign / march    1968



Race riots

in Detroit, Milwaukee,

Los Angeles, Newark and Chicago    1967-1968



Miscegenation laws

landmark civil rights case > Loving v. Virginia    1967



Watts riots, LA    15 March 1966 / August 11-16, 1965



Voting Rights Act    6 August 1965



7 March 1965

"Bloody Sunday"



from Selma to Montgomery



Civil Rights Act    2 July 1964



June 21, 1964

Philadelphia, Mississippi

civil rights workers

James Chaney,

Andrew Goodman

and Michael Schwerner

are murdered

by KKK members




Birmingham, Alabama

civil rights campaign

Mary Hamilton

16th Street Baptist church bombing



Freedom riders    1961



School desegregation    1950s-1960s



Little Rock, Arkansas    late 1950s



Robert Francis "Bobby" Kennedy    1925-1968



Coretta Scott King    1927-2006



Martin Luther King Jr.    1929-1968



Malcolm X    1925-1965



John Fitzgerald Kennedy    1917-November 22,1963



Martin Luther King Jr.

March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

"I have a dream"    August 28,1963



Medgar Wiley Evers    1925-June 12,1963



Emmett Till    1941-1955



Rosa Parks    1913-2005



other civil rights activists    1930s-1980s






segregationists    1940s-1970s



Ku Klux Klan



Ku Klux Klan > Edgar Ray Killen    1925-2017






Chicago's race riots / red summer - 1919










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Lyndon Baines Johnson    1908-1973

36th President of the United States    1963-1969



WW2 > African-American soldiers



17th - 18th - 19th - 20th century > America / USA

Slavery, Racism, Lynchings, Civil war, Abolition, Abraham Lincoln






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Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. / Muhammad Ali    1942-2016



UK / USA > unrest, riots



slavery, eugenics,

race relations, racism, segregation, civil rights




myths and heroes






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James Arthur Baldwin    1924-1987






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Joan Baez



Bob Dylan



Guy Hughes Carawan Jr.    1927-2015



Pete Seeger    1919-2014



Woody Guthrie    1912-1967






Anglonautes > Arts > Photography > Photographers > 20th century > USA


Fred Baldwin



Ernest C. Withers    1922-2007



Gordon Parks    1912-2006



James "Spider" Martin    1939-2003



Grey Villet    1927-2000









USA > Civil Rights Movement        UK






USA > Unpublished Black History


Revealing moments in black history,

with unpublished photos

from The New York Times’s archives.






Black History: Activism on Campus






New York Times > Disunion: The Civil War


Disunion revisits and reconsiders

America’s most perilous period

— using contemporary accounts, diaries, images

and historical assessments

to follow the Civil War as it unfolded.






New York Times > Civil war timeline


This timeline tracks

the posts by contributors

to the Disunion series.


Contemporary accounts, diaries, images

and historical assessments

follow the Civil War as it unfolded.






Slavery and the Making of America > Timeline






Library of Congress

The African American Odyssey:

A Quest for Full Citizenship






Speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.