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History > 20th century > USA > Civil rights era > Other civil rights activists


This is for Catherine, Camille and Louise



Ruby Bridges



Jesse Jackson



Dorothy Cotton (born Dorothy Lee Foreman)    1930-2018



Recy Taylor    1919-2017



Richard Claxton Gregory    1932-2017



Jack Greenberg    1924-2016



James Haughton Jr.    1929-2016



Robert Melvin Adelman    1930-2016



Amelia Boynton Robinson    1911-2015



Horace Julian Bond    1940-2015



Willie Beatrice Taplin / Rev. Willie T. Barrow    1924-2015



Norward Roussell    1934-2014



Robert James Mangum    1921-2014



Franklin Eugene McCain    1941-2014



Ruby Dee (born Ruby Ann Wallace)    1922-2014



Will Davis Campbell    1924-2013



Vivian Malone Jones    1942-2005



Shirley Anita Chisholm    1924-2005



Ralph Abernathy    1926-1990






other civil rights activists    1900s-1980s










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USA > 20th century > 1920s-1970s > Civil rights era



America, USA > 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th century

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America, USA > 18th / 19th century



USA > 19th century > Emancipation Proclamation - 1863



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slavery, eugenics,

race relations, racism, segregation, civil rights,







Anglonautes > Arts > Photography > Photographers > 20th century > USA


Fred Baldwin


Ernest C. Withers    1922-2007


Gordon Parks    1912-2006


James "Spider" Martin    1939-2003


Grey Villet    1927-2000








USA > Civil Rights Movement        UK






USA > Unpublished Black History


Revealing moments in black history,

with unpublished photos from The New York Times’s archives.






Black History: Activism on Campus






New York Times > Disunion: The Civil War


Disunion revisits and reconsiders

America’s most perilous period

— using contemporary accounts, diaries, images

and historical assessments

to follow the Civil War as it unfolded.






New York Times > Civil war timeline


This timeline tracks

the posts by contributors to the Disunion series.


Contemporary accounts, diaries, images

and historical assessments follow

the Civil War as it unfolded.






Slavery and the Making of America > Timeline






Library of Congress > The African American Odyssey: A Quest for Full Citizenship






Martin Luther King > Timeline