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learning English > for French-speaking students


anglais > bêtisier






types d'erreurs



corpus d'erreurs


































who / which / whose / who's


what / that


how / who


to / two


he's / his


he / it


his / her


was / has


there / they're


there / their


there / here


go / come


afterpréposition + N / afterwards


afterpréposition + N / later


quite / quiet


man / men


child / children


your / you're


Mr / Mrs


lose, lost, lost / loose


during / for


last / late / later / latest


lie, lay, lain / lay, laid, laid / lie, lied, lied (régulier)


leave / live


know / now


If I knew / If I had known















types d'erreurs



concordance des temps non respectée (CT)

exemple : dans un récit au passé, retour injustifié au présent.





syntaxe : SVO non respecté (*SVAO)





syntaxe / "Trou noir" syntaxique :

Sujet sans Verbe, Verbe sans Sujet, Modal non suivi d'une BV,
Verbe transitif sans objet





faux amis - > contre-sens (FA -> CS)





adjectif placé après le nom





adjectif accordé au pluriel





interrogative indirecte (verbe en fin de proposition) / interrogative directe



répétition incessante de "I think", "because", etc. -> pauvreté lexicale



préposition suivie de formes verbales agrammaticales (*)

(au lieu de -ing ; exemples corrects : after leaving, before going to...).



formulation d'une hypothèse avec if :

prétérit modal non maîtrisé, formes verbales agrammaticales (*)



passif non maîtrisé



confusion actif / passif



during + quantificateur

rappel de la règle :

à l'inverse de for,

during n'est jamais suivi d'un quantificateur

(*during four / several / many days)



quantificateur incorrect : confusion few / little

rappel de la règle :

little + indénombrable (little information) / few + nom pluriel (few people)



will dans une subordonnée de temps

rappel de la règle :

présent dans une subordonnée de temps

ex : Will you still love me when I'm 64? (Beatles)

I'll sleep when I'm dead (Warren Zevon)



oubli du -S à la troisième personne du singulier

du présent simple de l'indicatif



calque de la syntaxe du français (FR)















Corpus d'erreurs


copies de 2e, 1ère, terminales, bac




calque du français


* I have the moral at zero

* I think that it still remains much of progress to make

* If I won at loto, I would like to make build a appropriate house for my parents

* And as soon as someone that I like will be in the need, I'll try of help.

* According to the US administration, war is become inevitable

* You have a good avocate or you want that I find one.

* He play a juventus there are 2 years ago.

* Cloning, the word makes fear






concordance des temps


She is a well-know actrice. She is born in Honolulu.
She plays a lot of different characters.
She wins an Academy Awards and she is on Walk of Fame.
She was married with a good-look man but now she was divorced.
When she played a film, you can't close your eyes. Who is she?


He is a soccer player. He is a champion of world in 2002 ...


He is drinking a coffee when an old mate of him see him.

He sat down next to him and begin te talk.






forme interrogative


* What had you doing?

* But why they were arrested you?

* What is happened ?

* What is it happened?

* What college are you go to?

* Why did you launching the virus onto the net?

* why did you launched it?

* Why did you have launched this virus onto the net?

What we can do?






syntaxe > verbe à particule adverbiale


* they woke up me






conjugaison de be


* You is crazy!

* You is in the very bad situation

* They don't be






be + a + nom de métier


* Emma Peel is secret agent






a + nom commençant par une consonne

(c'est la phonétique qui compte, pas l'orthographe)


* Dolly, an ewe ...






an + mot commençant par une voyelle phonétique


* He works on a agence

* There is a inscription

* If someone have an terrible accident






a + mot commençant par une consonne phonétique


* It's an picture






this / these


* I think this pictures is bad






want / went


* Lucas (est poursuivit) by brigant because they went to kill him.






he / it


* In the picture he is write "defend your country".






3e personne du singulier du présent simple de l'indicatif


* He play in a Spanish team

* Maybe but he also say that he don't want to ...

* If nobody do anything

* a young fireman who learn his job

* The man have ...

* Emma Peel have to find Lucas

* The eagle is the animal who represent ...

* This article speak about the problem of human cloning.

* He would likes to meet ...








* They asked me ... how I did to do that

* we can all do that

* He wouldn't likes

* I will must see it

* he can to do it

* he do love her

* he can doing it

* Why do you made this?

* He don't lessoning Techno Musik








* He was been arrested

It is write ...

*  this inquiry was been very neglected

* he was charge by the police

* The criminals who are sentences...

* must not be threaten






present perfect


* They have manage to arrest ...

* I have just modifying ...

* Hello, what are you doing? I hadn't seen you since Monday.

* He has do mistakes that exposed his real identity

* Microsoft was lost millions of dollards with the Blaster virus.

* Canda is a pais that my mother want see since always.

* Besides Saddam have distribute old Kalachnikoff to...

* I have don't like this movie

* he has do

* Do you saw Titanic?

* I live in New York since 1997

* I've don't see him since his wife left him

* I din't see him sin his wife has leaved him






go to


* I prefer go in prison

* After Japan, I would need to go in America






adjectif > adjectif invariable / syntaxe > adjectif(s) + N


* more easy






adjectif > adjectif invariable / syntaxe > adjectif(s) + N


* others hackers

* And if he is not punished anothers hackers will launch viruses onto the net.

* two littles girls

* in others bigs films

* This picture is a magnific, fantastic symbol of the spirit patriotic.

* it's a job remarcable and great

* The big car red

* The firefighters are confidents

* this practises uselesses






modal + BV


* consequences which can to be consider

* So we will able to

* I must to speak English






tags > do auxiliaire "fantôme"


* You have some friends, haven't you ?






expression de l'âge


* She has fifteen years old






préposition + GN / forme en -ing


* Also, I would want make find out at my sisters the Austrilian

because they dream of visit and of discovery this country.

* As a result, he spent all his money to accomodate the beggar,

who benefit without understand.

* before to go

* before to left

* for to do that

* after have played






to préposition + forme en -ing


* Emma and Steed are getting closer to discover a spy organisation






to connecteur -> BV


* Sorry Anne but it's not a reason to left his wife.






to connecteur -> BV    ≠    for préposition + -ing / N


* First of all, for fight racism, I would punish all people racist with law.







monstres syntaxiques et grammaticaux


* Besides, I would want bought soaps and after the send at poors countries

* She didn't again to see him

* You didn't realise that's could make trouble

* A man who want killed see the hat

* the police want's jailed an inoncent






structures hypothétiques


* If Francine wasn't been punished she had been killed.

* If I was win one million d'euros in loto, I try ...

* If I had money, I would can go in Australia

* If I would win one million euro at the loto,

I should tour through the world in a private plane,

and stop the school for one year.

* If someone have an terrible accident,

this person was burnt for the rest of his life






expression du futur > subordonnée de temps


* Finally, when I'll be thirtey years old, I'll buy a very nice flat in Paris








* he didn't was

* I didn't saw him

* He was killed the two girls

* They are killed 20 years ago

* when it happeneds

* he becames

* A few days ago... she has announced






interrogative indirecte

* I don't know what is his name








* He is the better player of world.






pluriel > GV


* My parents doesn't like

* They has taken allquantificateurs > many, much, etc.

* much ethical problems






quantificateurs > during / for


* few information

* During four months / During three days

* More over, American army announced that
3000 bombs will be launched during 48 hours






noms abstraits


* the justice / the power / the racism / the cloning / the man






pronoms relatifs / relatives


* a person what many people know

* the only documentary who was filmed inside

* the aircraft who crashed in the tower

* It's an picture who...

* my dear mum who's name is








* we saw in this document the life of everyday of this firefighters






faux-sens / contre-sens


* Firemen are exciting






it's the first time + present perfect (have + participe passé)


*it's the first time I see this images






syntaxe  > vide syntaxique


* ???    but all the same is a good reportage

* She didn't want listen him

*  the police not do his job

* Americans want attack Iraq

*A friend of his meeting him in his room and now, they talking






pluriel irrégulier


* This is a documentary abou the firemans






see / watch


* The film that we saw on the TV






adjectif possessif


* New York firemen were in his firehouse






past perfect -> valeur d'antériorité dans le passé


* Later, Sonia discovered Jeffrey who stole fruits






their / there


* their will be bombardment






after / afterwards


* More, if a inmate have maid a mistake and if after he was killed ...








* ??? I'm against death penalty.

I think any human have the right to decide the death of an other human






make / made / made + GNO + BV


* My best friend in the middle-nineties make me listened rap-music






it's high time + prétérit modal


* It's high time we go

















* musn't

 * on hollidays

*on holydays

* télévision

* an other

* wich

* governement

* carefull

* desperatly

* Manathan

* loose










grammaire explicative

en bandes dessinées





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