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grammaire anglaise explicative en BD

- niveau débutant


écrit / oral > rédactions / dialogues



Unaids poster        2001
















Monday, December 1st, 2003




Aids is a disease

which can be transmitted sexually or by blood.

It attacks the immune system.

It is a worldwide illness.



Africa is the most hard-hit region,

where it creates a lot of orphans.

There are ways to prevent the spread in Africa.

One way is to make contraception / condoms

free and easily accessible.

Another way is to distribute blood tests.

However, it is not possible to destroy the HIV virus.

Treatment consists of taking a mixture / coktail of drugs

but it is very expensive as well as tiring.







Aids statistics :




















It's good to talk




Camille: Hi / hey!


Nigel: Hello!


C: How's life? What (have) you been up to?


N: Not much, what about you?


C: The usual... so fancy seeing a film later?


N: Sure, why not? What's on? (What's on the box?)


C: 'Love, actually' is on.


N: At what times?


C: There's one at 7pm and one at 9 pm.


N: Who stars in the film? / Who's the leading actor?


C: It's Hugh Grant, that bloke from 'Notting Hill'.


N: Is it worth it?


C: I think so / Well I guess if you like rom-coms...


N: Are you joking? You know I love Hugh Grant!


Let's see it as soon as possible!








It's good to talk




Valentin: Hi / Hey / Hello!


Steve: Hello, I don't think we've met...


V: No, I don't think we have. Well, I'm Valentin, I'm thirteen,

and I'm from Paris. What about you?


S: I'm Steve and I'm from London.


V : So what do you like doing?


S: I don't know... I guess I like watching TV.

Sorry, but you have / 've got a strange accent.

Where are you from?


V: I'm originally from France.


S: That's interesting, and what do you do for a living?


V: I'm a vet.


S: Do you have any pets of your own?


V: Yes, I do. / No, I don't.


S: Where does your family live?


V: They are back in France.










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Grammaire anglaise explicative en BD

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