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grammaire anglaise explicative en BD - niveau débutant


noms, formes nominales

 (symbole : N)


parler de / décrire

des faits, des activités, des choses,

des émotions, des personnes

avec une forme nominale :

nom, GN,

éléments du GN (préposition, adjectif),




prépositions + N



Une préposition,

c'est quoi ?


Une préposition

est un petit mot-outil

qui peut notamment lier

une forme nominale (N)


une proposition (S + V + O)


une forme nominale (N) :


Most people toss pizzas inpréposition the air

beforepréposition cooking them.





Certaines prépositions

permettent notamment

de se repérer

dans le temps :


until Christmas



dans l'espace :


under your bed






Syntaxe :


sauf dans certains cas,

une préposition

est suivie par

une forme nominale (N) :


- pronom


- nom


- nom-ing


- groupe nominal


- groupe nominal-ing













The gift ofpréposition a flower

is always a gift ofpréposition love!


How aboutpréposition accepting a flower?


Sometimes you have to accept a flower

just to keep frompréposition hurting the other person's feelings



Charles Schulz


May 21, 2023

















Prépositions fréquentes :


of, between, after, before, by, until,

about, on, from, at, in, into, with, without,

under, over,


(à ne pas confondre avec

toviseur -> Base Verbale)









I'm talking topréposition my cellphone.



Freshly Squeezed

Ed Stein


July 20, 2014


















Most people toss pizzas in the air

before cooking them.



Bill Amend


September 25, 2011

















Oh boy! Only 35 days 'til Christmas!!



by Greg Evans


November 20, 2011

















How about helping out around the house a little?



by Bill Amend


March 25, 2012


















You know the rule about talking in class



by Guy Gilchrist and Brad Gilchrist


October 06, 2011

















Nate, if you put as much energy into doing your homework...


as you do in dreaming up reasons not to do it,



Freshly Squeezed

by Ed Stein


March 14, 2014

















Instead of doing my homework,

I turned in a whole list of reasons

why I didn't do it.



Freshly Squeezed

by Ed Stein


March 14, 2014

















Look, we put your mattress right on the floor

so no monsters can hide under your bed.



by Guy & Rodd


October 30, 2011



















They're thinking about releasing him early for bad behavior


F Minus

by Tony Carrillo


September 25, 2011


















Unfortunately for Chris,

the cookie from the cookie jar

was fitted with an exploding dye pack.


F Minus

by Tony Carrillo


September 18, 2011



















He's good at shaking


F Minus

by Tony Carrillo


September 27, 2011


















Ne pas confondre :


toviseur -> Base Verbale




topréposition + N





There are disadvantages topréposition sneaking down early.


[ topréposition + forme nominale en -ing   ≠   toviseur -> BV ]



by Todd Clark


December 25, 2011


















Now, back topréposition being naughty


[ topréposition + forme nominale en -ing    ≠   toviseur -> BV ]


Speed Bump

by Dave Coverly


December 26, 2011
















New Push

for Help

[ N ]

in Solving a Prosecutor’s 2001 Murder

 [ N-ing ]


September 28, 2011
The New York Times


SEATTLE — Ten years after a federal prosecutor here was shot to death while sitting at a computer in his basement, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and other federal law enforcement officials announced a new effort on Wednesday to seek public help in the investigation through a multimedia advertising campaign.

The prosecutor, Thomas C. Wales, 49, was killed late on the night of Oct. 11, 2001, by a gunman who investigators said stood in Mr. Wales’s backyard in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle and fired through a window.

Law enforcement officials say they have investigated several suspects, pursued more than 15,000 leads and meticulously traced and tested copies of a rare type of gun barrel used in the shooting. But they still have not solved the crime. A $1 million reward remains in place.

Investigators have not publicly identified a motive for the killing. If Mr. Wales, who was an assistant United States attorney, was killed in retaliation for his work, he would be the first federal prosecutor killed in the line of duty. He also was president of a group that campaigned against gun violence.

“Although this case remains unsolved and Tom’s killer remains unknown, our resolve to uncover the truth and to help Tom’s family, friends and colleagues and neighbors find the answers and find the closure that they deserve, that has never been stronger,” Mr. Holder said.

Officials also sought the public’s help around the time of the fifth anniversary of the killing in 2006. This time, the government is placing newspaper, radio, television and Internet advertisements as well as buying space on billboards. A special Web site was to go up late Wednesday.

“This is still not a cold case,” Greg Fowler, the special agent in charge of the F.B.I.’s office in Portland, Ore., said in an interview on Wednesday.

“The case team works every day on this,” said Mr. Fowler, who is now overseeing the inquiry. “It’s their full-time job.”

He said that “some investigative considerations, which I’m not prepared to discuss,” played a role in the new public push for information, “but for the most part it’s timed to the anniversary.”

“Hopefully, this will stir something in people’s minds or spark a memory,” he said.

For years, a principal suspect in the case was a commercial airline pilot who was among four people Mr. Wales indicted on conspiracy and fraud charges in 2000. The next year, the government dismissed that case after the defendants pleaded guilty to charges related to the sale of a military helicopter. The pilot sued for legal fees four months before Mr. Wales was killed. The lawsuit was later dismissed.

Mr. Fowler would not say whether the pilot remained under investigation. Larry Setchell, a lawyer for the pilot, would not comment.

New Push for Help in Solving a Prosecutor’s 2001 Murder,










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