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grammaire anglaise explicative en BD

- niveau débutant


Groupe Verbal (GV)


parler de ce qui est passif /

ne marche pas


parler de ce qui est passif,


d'une personne qui n'agit pas,

qui subit une action,


de quelque chose

qui est fait par quelqu'un,

qui subit une action





forme pleine :

beauxiliaire + verbeau participe passé


Pearl Harbor was bombed

(ici passé passif)









forme elliptique (Ø) :


verbeau participe passé seul,

sans beauxiliaire


Abandoned baby (Ø) found in bushes


Ø = was






He was found two blocks from lawn order.

[ found  =

participe passé du verbe irrégulier

find ]



he was released two days ago.

[ released  =

participe passé du verbe régulier

release ]



Dick Tracy

by Joe Staton & Mike Curtis


October 23, 2011


















I was two when Pearl Harbor was bombed.

[ bombed


participe passé du verbe régulier

bomb ]



Kennedy was shot the year before I was born.


[ shot 


participe passé du verbe irrégulier

shoot ]


Freshly Squeezed

by Ed Stein


September 11, 2011















Passif > règle simplifiée


pour parler

de quelqu'un / quelque chose

qui subit une action,

on utilise souvent le passif :


beauxiliaire + verbeau participe passé



Cette forme verbale

est très fréquente.




se conjugue

au présent ou au passé,

les deux seuls temps

de la langue anglaise.










Passif > Ellipse / forme elliptique (Ø)



n'apparaît pas

dans le Groupe Verbal (GV).


Cette tournure est fréquente

dans les titres de journaux :


Abandoned baby (Ø) found in bushes















passif > autres énoncés




Mom? The shower drain is plugged up again.



The garbage disposal is plugged up too.

[ plugged up


participe passé du verbe régulier

plug up ]



Is there anything else around here that could be clogged?!

[ clogged


participe passé du verbe régulier

clog ]



Stone Soup

by Jan Eliot


December 11, 2011

















She was roused a few hours later

by a light fluttering sound.


[ roused


participe passé du verbe régulier

rouse ]



Lost Side of Suburbia

by Kory Merritt


October 19, 2011


















She was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2008.

[ inducted


participe passé du verbe régulier

induct ]



"Like a virgin'" was released in 1984

[ released


participe passé du verbe régulier

release ]




by Steve McGarry


October 09, 201
















Abandoned baby (was) found in bushes


Police appealed last night for the mother of a baby (who was) placed inside a pillowcase and (who was)  abandoned in parkland to come forward.

A woman was seen frantically searching bushes by a footpath in Bedford hours after the black-haired baby was discovered by a dog-walker near a health centre.

(She was) Named Bonnie by nurses who are looking after her at South Wing Hospital in the town, the child is well-nourished and thought to be between five and 10 days old.

"The baby has quite a distinctive mark on her forehead which we think was perhaps as a result of the way the baby was carried or from childbirth," said Detective Chief Inspector David Giles of Bedfordshire Police. "She is a little bit jaundiced and so far it is difficult to assess her ethnicity. She could be mixed race or possibly Asian or black."

The baby was discovered at 8.30am on Sunday when a collie dog began barking at a bundle (which was) wrapped in a fleece blanket inside a pillowcase in bushes next to a footpath.

Her body temperature had fallen to 26C (79F) after spending up to six hours in the cold.

Doctors said she weighed a healthy 3.1kg (6lbs 13oz) and her condition was now stable. Dr Mira Leigh, the consultant paediatrician caring for Bonnie, said she was very cold when she was first brought in and was now on a course of antibiotics to ward off any possible infections. She has been feeding well after recovering from severe hypothermia.

Officers are checking local birth records and have carried out door-to-door inquiries in the Meadowsweet Drive area of Bedford, but said they had not yet found the child's mother.

"The child is doing very well and I am very pleased with her progress," Mr Giles added. "My concern now is for the mother. She will no doubt have had a terrible few days and may be in need of medical help herself.

"I would make a direct appeal to the mother to contact her GP, this hospital or the police. There are people who can help her."

A passerby told police of seeing a woman in a "distressed state" on Sunday afternoon searching the area were the baby was found. She was described as white, in her 30s, with shoulder-length brown hair. She was wearing a blue and beige jacket, beige trousers and white trainers. Police asked for her to come forward.

Detectives said they were hoping photographs of Bonnie in hospital would prompt any family or members of the public who might recognise her to contact them.

Bonnie is expected to stay in hospital for several more days. If her mother is not found she will be placed with a foster family.

Full text,










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