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grammaire anglaise explicative en BD

- niveau débutant


Groupe Verbal (GV)


parler du présent


V > temps > présent simple


valeurs énonciatives >

vérité générale,

habitude, répétition, rituel





It's like a ritual to them.

Mom [ = she ] complains to dad,


He ignores her,

she gets angry,

he apologizes,


and the next day

it starts all over again.



Freshly Squeezed

Ed Stein


April 18, 2014


















Careful, son.

The government watches

what you're searching for online.


They monitor your email, too.


And what you say on Facebook.


They can even recognize

faces in the photos you post.


Freshly Squeezed

Ed Stein


August 10, 2014
















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parler du passé temporel


"passé" hypothétique


parler du présent


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