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Learning English > Tests, Quizzes > Grammar tests


Tenses > Conjugation


present simple or past simple?


third person singular


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Example > Present simple

I play the piano -> He plays the piano.



Education Dept. rule __________ (base form: limit)

how schools can spend vital aid money







In Spike Lee's 'Da 5 Bloods,' the war never __________

(base form: end)







I want to go to London next week.


I wanted to go to Houston last month.


I believe in ghosts.


I don't believe him.


I like to drive very fast.


You’re simply the best!


I am happy.


I was poor.


You sing very well.


You sang very well.


I give you everything I’ve got.


I take one English lesson a day.


I took one English lesson a day.


I do what I like.


I did what I liked.


I wake up early in the morning.


I do need a new computer.


I fancy her.


I try to do my best.


They cry all the time.


I speak English.


I can speak English.


I read The Times every morning. (read = présent).


I read The Times every morning. (read = passé).


You begin to get on my nerves.


I don’t believe what’s in the newspapers.


They're smart, aren’t they?


I’ve got a new car.


They had three daughters and one son.


You’ve got such a beautiful house.


I don’t know what’s going on.


I will pick you up at nine AM.


You have to go and see a doctor.










Anglonautes > Grammaire explicative > Niveau débutant


parler du présent


grammaire explicative

en bandes dessinées






Voir aussi > Anglonautes > Grammaire anglaise > Niveau avancé


verbes réguliers


verbes irréguliers




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