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extraits de copies / bêtisier



Essay: choose one subject


1) Paradise / Hell -> Is school hell or paradise?

How do you like it at school?

Say what you think, justify your views



2) Draw the portrait of an old person you know well:

what about him or her now and in the past?


mistakes are in red




"My grandfather is sixty-six. He is the father of my mother. He was born in Alger in 1940, so he speaks many languages : french, arabic, english and spanish. He lived in (...) but now he lives in (...). He is tall, (one meter and seventy-four), fat and he has short dark hair. He is very impatient but he is also funny, generous, greedy and hardworking. He likes travelling: he visited Marocco, Sri-Lanka, India, USA, Chili, Brésil, Japon and Malaisia, but he prefers France. He is sporty: he goes to the bakerie everydays on his bike, he swims every afternoon (because he has an enormous swimming pool) and he goes to the gym every Thursday. When he was young he liked tennis, rugby and football. On television he watches tennis, rugby, football, news and "Questions pour un champion". He is clever and he likes geography, history, math and french, however he likes sciences, physics too. He was a farmer and a teacher but now he stop working."





"My grandmother is very friendly. She is old, she is seventy six years old. She is short and she is plump and she has too many wrinkles She has got glasses. In the past, she was always ill. She couldn't go to school everyday. At school, her friends have got a yellow star. There was the second mondial's war. She had got an hard "children's life". Now she has got two little childrens, me and my brother."





"This scool is paradise.
I like this scool because I like my friends and my friends is on this school.
I like biologie, chimie (I like experience). If the seconde level has redecorated it's super!
I like English because is an oseur langueges.
I like self because the cook is a good cook.
I like CDI there are a lot of BD.
I like drama but I am not in the drama class.
I sing it's a good idea of build a scène for the drama.
I will have happy if I have this test."





"this school is hell because the teachers are boring. The classes are bad. I liked this school if the teachers was interesting and that he write slower. The class are better. The sport is less boring. I want that is toilets is better. I want that sport is less dangerous. I want that they play everyday he'll do haven't hour glue and that stores will is break that they watch TV."










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