Les anglonautes

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Learning English






For French students only


Bac anglais > Toutes séries










For French students only


French lycée

seconde, première, terminale










For French students only


grammaire explicative

en bandes dessinées










spoken English

pronunciation, speech clarity,

rhythm, stress, connected speech

best tutorials










Irregular verbs and auxiliaries

past / preterite > videos with lyrics










Learning English with music videos



BBC Learning English videos



English vocabulary for kids / teenagers



English screen readers

for blind or visually impaired students



English vocabulary

for blind or visually impaired students



French collège > translation tests





France > classes préparatoires - universités



France > brevet, bac, BTS, capes, agrégation,

ENS, Sciences Po, exercices interactifs









Manuels d'anglais au fil du temps






Anglonautes for kids












UK > BBC Learning English > Videos







USA > The Learning Network

Teach and Learn With The Times:

Resources for Bringing the World Into Your Classroom