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English words > Topic vocabulary


2000s    2010s    2020s


Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, Jamaica,

NZ, Pakistan, United Kingdom, USA,

Pakistan, South Africa







industry, energy, commodities




economy, money, taxes,

housing market, shopping,

jobs, unemployment,

unions, retirement,

debt, poverty, homelessness










religion / faith, sexual abuse, violence, extremism,

secularism, atheism










genocide, war,

weapons, espionage, torture




conflicts, wars, climate > civilians > migrants, refugees




terrorism, global terrorism, militant groups,

intelligence, spies, surveillance




slavery, eugenics,

race relations, racism, segregation, civil rights





violence, knife crime, gun violence,

abuse, prostitution, sexual violence, rape,

kidnapping, crime, police > UK




violence, abuse, prostitution,

sexual violence, rape, harassment,

kidnapping, crime, police,

arrest, investigation, custody > USA




gun violence > USA




drugs, opioids > Mexico, UK, USA




good, evil










justice, law, prison > UK




U.S. Constitution,

U.S. Supreme Court, Justices,

State Supreme Courts > USA




justice, law > USA




justice, law > death penalty > USA




prison, jail > USA




justice > courtroom artists / miscarriage of justice > UK / USA










politics > UK > British monarchy




politics > UK




politics > USA




politics > activism, protests, riots > UK / USA




politics > international / world > countries




politics > world > foreign policy,

Arab Spring, Middle East, United Nations (U.N.),











immigration > UK




immigration > USA










media, press, newspapers, radio, TV,

journalism, photojournalism, free speech, free press,

cartoons, advertising































measures / unit / numbers




space, astronomy














education, school, universities / colleges > UK




education, school, universities / colleges > USA




















men, women, gender,

glass ceiling, feminism,



gay / LGBTQ rights,

dating, love,

marriage, divorce, family




violence against women worldwide










feelings, mood, emotions, traits, relationships










lifestyle > food, diet, cooking, eating,

veganism, vegetarianism




lifestyle / health > exercise,

smoking / tobacco, vaping,

drinking / alcohol,

diet, obesity




body, health, medicine, drugs,

viruses, bacteria, diseases,

health care / insurance




cells, DNA, genes, genetics, cancer




mental health / psychology








health, contraception, abortion,

pregnancy, birth, life, life expectancy,

getting older / aging, death














Earth, population growth, resources,

environment, pollution, waste








natural disasters




natural disasters > hurricanes








agriculture / farming, gardening




climate change, global warming / heating










English language > descriptions, iconic words,

translations / faux amis, acronyms










for French students only


baccalauréat > anglais > vocabulaire thématique


thèmes au programme jusqu'en 2020



idea of progress


myths and heroes


places and forms of power


spaces and exchanges