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Videos > Documentaries > South Africa > Nelson Mandela    1918-2013


Nelson Mandela Death: A Look at South Africa's First Black President    NYT    5 December 2013





Nelson Mandela Death:

A Look at South Africa's First Black President - Documentary        Video        NYT        5 December 2013


Nelson Mandela,

who led the emancipation of South Africa

from white minority rule

and served as his country's first black president,

died at 95.




















Remembering South African leader Nelson Mandela        NYT        5 December 2013





Remembering South African leader Nelson Mandela        Video


Nelson Mandela,

the first black president of South Africa

credited with ending apartheid there,

died in Johannesburg on Dec. 5, 2013.


Former PBS NewsHour correspondent Charlayne Hunter-Gault

takes a look back at Mandela's life and legacy.


YouTube > PBS NewsHour        5 December 2013
















On Board: Behind the Scenes with the President & The First Lady at Robben Island    2 July 2013





On Board: Behind the Scenes with the President & The First Lady at Robben Island        Video


Go behind the scenes

with President Barack Obama

and First Lady Michelle Obama

as they visit Robben Island.


From the 1960s through the 1990s,

this Island housed a maximum security prison.


Many of the prisoners there

were activists who worked

to bring down Apartheid,

the South African government's policies

that discriminated against people of color

including Nelson Mandela

and current South African President Jacob Zuma.


Narrated by the First Lady, Michelle Obama.

 June 30, 2013


YouTube > White House channel        2 July 2013











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