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Videos > Documentaries > 2010s > USA > Death penalty - Graphic


Death Row Doctor: Why I Take Part in Executions        NYT        8 March 2019





Death Row Doctor: Why I Take Part in Executions        Video        Op-Docs        The New York Times        8 March 2019


Can the vow that doctors take to “do no harm”

permit taking part in capital punishment?


This week,

the New York Times Op-Docs brings you “Death Row Doctor,”

about Dr. Carlo Musso and his assistance with executions in Georgia.


Directed by Lauren Knapp,

the film challenges us to answer the question

of whether having a doctor in the execution chamber

is a perversion of medicine

… or a common-sense act of mercy.


















The state of capital punishment        WP        2 May 2014





The state of capital punishment        Video


With capital punishment dominating headlines,

PostTV looks at the latest statistics

on the death penalty in the United States,

and in the 21 other countries

that executed inmates in 2013.


YouTube > Washington Post        2 May 2014
















Death Penalty on Trial        G        Playlist





Death Penalty on Trial        Video


















Juan Melendez - Snitch Testimon        OneForTenFilms        17 May 2013





Juan Melendez - Snitch Testimony        Video


Juan Melendez spent 17 years on death row

for a crime he didn't commit.


He was accused of murder by a police informant

who allegedly received $5000 for his testimony.


After 17 years on Florida's death row,

a tape recorded confession from another man was found

which helped Juan get a new trial and he was released in 2002.


YouTube > OneForTenFilms        17 May 2013
















Clarence Brandley - Racism        OneForTenFilms        13 May 2013





Clarence Brandley - Racism        Video


On the 23rd of August 1980,

16 year old Cheryl Dee Fergeson was raped and murdered

during a volleyball tournament in Conroe, Texas.


Clarence Brandley, the schools janitor

found her naked body in the schools loft.


After evidence was destroyed

and police pressured witnesses in to testifying against him,

he was sentenced to death.


He was later released and the judge in his new trial said

that it was one of the most blatant cases

of racism and perjured testimony in history.


YouTube > OneForTenFilms        13 May 2013
















John Thompson - Prosecutorial Misconduct        OneForTenFilms        10 May 2013




John Thompson - Prosecutorial Misconduct        Video


John Thompson spent 18 years in prison,

14 of which were on death row despite being innocent.


He was released after it was discovered

that the prosecutors in his case

had deliberately hidden evidence

that would have proven

that John was innocent of a robbery

which they used to seek the death penalty

in a murder trial.


After it was discovered,

he was given a retrial

and the jury took just 30 mins

to find him not guilty.


Here he talks about prosecutorial misconduct.


YouTube > OneForTenFilms        10 May 2013
















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