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An Immigrant Family Moves Through Generational Trauma    NPR    16 June 2021





An Immigrant Family Moves Through Generational Trauma        Video        Where We Come From | NPR        16 June 2021


As a young girl growing up in Queens, N.Y.,

Colette Baptiste-Mombo said she felt largely insulated

from the struggles of the civil rights movement playing out

across much of the country in the 1960s.


Her mother, an immigrant with English and Somali roots,

and her father, a Bronx-born Jamaican American,

were looking for the best opportunities for their children.


But when her family moved into an all white neighborhood

in the New Jersey suburbs in 1965,

Colette and her family soon faced taunts, insults

and eventually an attack that would become a defining moment in Colette's life.

This story is part of NPR's Where We Come From series,

featuring stories from immigrant communities of color across generations

in honor of Immigrant Heritage Month.


















The U.S. Is Outsourcing Asylum to Guatemala, Here's Why That's Dangerous    13 March 2020





The U.S. Is Outsourcing Asylum to Guatemala, Here's Why That's Dangerous

Video        The Dispatch        The New York Times        13 March 2020


Instead of a court hearing,

the Trump administration is giving Central Americans

a chance to seek asylum — in Guatemala.

















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