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King Charles III



Prince Charles

- the first child of Princess Elizabeth

and Prince Philip



Prince William, Prince of Wales

heir apparent to the throne

- the elder son of Charles and Diana -


Kate Middleton / Catherine,

Princess of Wales



Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

- the younger son of Charles, Prince of Wales

and Diana, Princess of Wales -


Meghan Markle



Queen Elizabeth II   1926-2022

- the first child

of the Duke and Duchess of York

(later King George VI

and Queen Elizabeth)



Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh   1921-2021

- the Queen's consort



Prince Andrew

- the third child and second son

of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip



Princess Anne

- the younger sister of King Charles III /

the second child and only daughter

of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip



Lady Diana Frances Spencer   1961-1997



British monarchy, royal family








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