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Vocapedia > USA > Violence


Violence, Sexual violence, Abuse, Rape,

Knife crime, Kidnapping / Abduction,

Crime, Murder, Police, Policing


warning: graphic / distressing



police, policing,

police training / militarization




abuse / brutality / misconduct / violence



police brutality

Tyre Nichols   1993-2023



police brutality

George Floyd   1973 - May 25, 2020



police brutality

Elijah McClain   1996-2019



police misconduct / brutality

Sandra Bland   1987-2015



police misconduct / brutality

Freddie Carlos Gray, Jr.   1989-2015



police misconduct / brutality

Eric Garner   1970-2014



police officers,

policing, law enforcement



police officers > L.A.P.D.



police officers > N.Y.P.D.



police > surveillance tools >

CCTVs, cellphone tracking...



police videos > dashcams, bodycams



police > traffic stops



suspects > police > arrest, custody



violence, crime > police >

investigation, evidence, charges



Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.)



violent crime, killing, murder



mass murder

Charles Manson   1934-2017









serial killers






crime scene



rape, killing, murder, suicide >

coroner, forensics, DNA, autopsy



disappearance, abduction / kidnapping



domestic violence / abuse



abuse, sexual assault, sex crimes,

sex trade, sex trafficking,




child abuse






sexual misconduct, harassment,

abuse, assault, trauma



murder, homicide rates



white-collar / corporate crime



organized crime > mafia / the Mob










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gun violence > USA



gun violence > police shootings > USA



slavery, eugenics,

race relations,

racial divide, racism,

segregation, civil rights,




drugs > Mexico, UK, USA



child abuse / sexual abuse by priests



bullying, harassment,

campus sexual assault, hate, hazing



feelings, emotions > hate, hatred, bigotry



www > online violence



video games > violence



mental health, psychology



U.S. Constitution > Fourth Amendment   1791






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Civil rights




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