Les anglonautes

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Learning English. Top of the page.

For blind or visually impaired students.

English vocabulary with text to speech.


Best audio on PCs with Chrome and ChromeVox.

Best audio on Macs with VoiceOver for OSX.


The ChromeVox screen reader is an extension to Chrome

that brings the speed, versatility, and security of Chrome

to visually impaired users.


ChromeVox is still in development

and currently doesnít work in conjunction

with desktop screen readers.


In order to best use ChromeVox on your computer,

you will need to disable your desktop screen reader

when using ChromeVox.

link : Download Chrome .

link : Download Chrome Vox .










Screen readers for Macs. Link.

VoiceOver doesnít just tell you whatís happening,

it helps you make things happen.

It tells you whatís on your screen,

and walks you through actions like selecting a menu option

or activating a button using your keyboard or trackpad.

VoiceOver gives you complete control of your Mac,

with no need to see the screen.

And itís already built in.







Braille displays on Macs. Link.

OS X supports

more than 40 refreshable braille displays

that work with VoiceOver.

And OS X includes software drivers

for both USB and Bluetooth wireless displays,

so you can simply plug in or sync up your device

without installing or configuring additional software.







Screen readers for PCS. Links.












End of the page.









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