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Learning English. Top of the page.

For blind or visually impaired students.


English vocabulary with text to speech.

Best audio on PCs with Chrome and ChromeVox.

Best audio on Macs with VoiceOver for OSX.


Hi guys! Hi Didier! How are you today?

You don't have to move your mouse.

Just listen to the lesson!


This page is about words related to cars.

You are going to hear about 30 words.

It is going to take about 3 minutes.

Are you ready? Enjoy!




First part. Nouns and adjectives. Top of the list.


bike.        b.i.k.e.        bike        In French vélo, moto.


truck.        t.r.u.c.k.        truck.         In French camion.


car.        c.a.r.        car.    In French voiture.


gas.        g.a.s.        gas.        In French essence.


seat.        s.e.a.t.        seat.    In French siège.


safety belt.        s.a.f.e.t.y. b.e.l.t.        safety belt.      In French ceinture de sécurité.


wheel.    w.h.e.e.l.        wheel.    In French volant.


key.        k.e.y.        key.    In French clé.


speed.        s.p.e.e.d.        speed.    In French vitesse.


fast.        f.a.s.t.        fast.    In French rapide.


driver.    d.r.i.v.e.r.        driver.    In French conducteur.


passenger.    p.a.s.s.e.n.g.e.r.        passenger.    In French passager.


trunk.    t.r.u.n.k.        trunk.    In French coffre.


luggage.    l.u.g.g.a.g.e.        luggage.    In French bagages au pluriel.


bag.    b.a.g.        bag.     In French sac.


suitcase.     s.u.i.t.c.a.s.e.        suitcase.    In French valise.


road safety.    r.o.a.d. s.a.f.e.t.y.        road safety.    In French sécurité routière.


red light.    r.e.d.l.i.g.h.t.    red light.     In French feu rouge.


street.    s.t.r.e.e.t.        street.    In French rue.


road.        r.o.a.d.        road.        In French route.


avenue.        a.v.e.n.u.e.        avenue.        In French avenue.


highway.        h.i.g.h.w.a.y.        highway.         In French autoroute.


traffic.        t.r.a.f.f.i.c.        traffic.        In French circulation.


jam.        j.a.m.        In French embouteillage.


Nouns and adjectives. End of the list.










Second part. Verbs. Top of the list.



buy. bought. bought.        In French acheter.


rent.       In French louer.


start.           In French démarrer.


turn.           In French tourner.


slow down.           In French ralentir.


stop.           In French s'arrêter.


brake.           In French freiner.


drive.    drove.    driven.           In French conduire.


pull over.           In French se garer sur le côté.


break down. broke down. broken down.           In French tomber en panne.


run over. ran over. run over.        In French renverser.



Verbs. End of the list.










Third and last part. Sentences. Top of the list.



I need a taxi right now.


I want to go to the airport.


I have got a flight at 11:30. Can you make it?


Where are we now?


How much?



Sentences. End of the list.





End of the page.













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