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Active vs passive




British divers ________ in Tanzania

(base form: shoot)


Two British teenagers on a gap year diving expedition

to Tanzania ________ (base form: shoot)

and __________ (base form: wound)

when they ____________ (base form: attack)

by bandits.






The pair ____________ (base form: hit)

by a single bullet

when their group __________ (base form: set upon)

by seven armed raiders at their camp on Pemba Island

in the Indian Ocean on Friday night.






Having stripped the party of 20 Britons of their cash

and possessions, they ____________ (base form: make off)

with the expedition's boat and engine,

__________ (base form: say)

a spokesman for organiser Frontier.

Headline and first §§, PA, 4.7.2004. 






Email blitz teenager __________

(base form: arrest)


A sacked accounts clerk ______________

(base form: arrest)

after allegedly blitzing his former employer

with five million emails.


Scotland Yard ___________

(base form: confirm) that a youth, now 17,

____________ (base form: arrest)

after officers ____________ (base form: receive)

a complaint from insurance giant Domestic & General.


The teenager, who __________

(base form: work) at the London-based

company's site in Bedworth, Warwickshire,

______ now _____ (base form: free)

by detectives pending further


Headline and first §§, PA, 12.7.2004. 










Anglonautes > Grammaire explicative > Niveau débutant


parler de ce qui est passif / ne marche pas



grammaire explicative

en bandes dessinées






Voir aussi > Anglonautes > Grammaire anglaise > Niveau avancé


verbes réguliers



verbes irréguliers



active / passive



passif avec ellipse de beauxiliaire



infinitif passif




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