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Verbs and auxiliary verbs


tenses / verb forms + passive voice



present + passive




past + passive




present perfect + passive




past perfect + passive





passive voice :

find the right tense / verb form



click on the link

to check whether your answer

is right or wrong





Some health care workers say

they ______________________

(base form: forget)

in COVID-19 vaccination plans







Immigrant warehouse workers ______________________

(base form: cram)

in vans despite virus danger







The prison ______________________

(base form: build)

to hold 1,500 inmates.

It had over 2,000 Coronavirus cases.

- June 18, 2020






A terrorist who ______________________

(base form:  convict -> past perfect)

of six murders _________________

(base form: find) shot dead in a wood yesterday.






The two suspects _______________

(base form: take) without a struggle.

A rifle _______________

(base form: find) in their car.






An Italian photographer __________________

(base form: kill) by machine-gun fire.






He was the first foreign journalist to  ____________

(base form: kill)

in the 18 months of the uprising.






A French journalist ____________________

(base form: injure) by shrapnel yesterday.















present perfect passif


have + been + verbpast participle




Fifty sites ______________

(base form: search)

and 3,000 people ________________

(base form: interview).






He _________________

(base form: involve) in pirate radio

since he _____________ 13

(base form: be).






In France, 400,000 jobs _________________

(base form: create) by shorter working hours.






At least 60 prostitutes ___________________

(base form: murder)

in the past ten years.






Three times he ______________________

(base form: nominate)

for the Oscar for best actor.










Anglonautes > Grammaire explicative > Niveau débutant


parler de ce qui est passif / ne marche pas



grammaire explicative

en bandes dessinées






Voir aussi > Anglonautes > Grammaire anglaise > Niveau avancé


verbes réguliers



verbes irréguliers



active ≠ passive



passif avec ellipse de beauxiliaire



infinitif passif



scoop > present perfect simple

actif ou passif



emphase > present perfect-ing



bilan :

présent, present perfect

ou passé temporel



bilan / scoop > anglais américain :

present perfect ou passé temporel



present perfect

(have + participe passé)


marqueurs de temps



Breaking the latest news :

present perfect

(have + participe passé),

présent simple ou passé temporel ?



present perfect

(have + participe passé) :

le présent et ses conséquences



present perfect

(have + participe passé)





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