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learning > grammaire anglaise - niveau avancé


temps, formes verbales


groupe verbal


présent simple


marqueurs de temps

(adverbes / groupe adverbiaux)


avec le présent simple



every so often



every once in a while



every + N



year in and year out...




















The End of Iraq

Changing Maps in the Mideast


JUNE 14, 2014
The New York Times

EVERY so often, in the post-9/11 era,

an enterprising observer circulates

a map of what the Middle East might look like,

well, after:

after America’s wars in the region,

after the various revolutions and counterrevolutions,

after the Arab Spring

and the subsequent springtime for jihadists,

after the Sunni-Shiite struggle for mastery.

At some point, these cartographers suggest,

the wave of post-9/11 conflict

will necessarily redraw borders,

reshape nation-states,

and rub out some of the lines

drawn by Sir Mark Sykes and François Georges-Picot

in a secret Anglo-French treaty almost 100 years ago.

The End of Iraq, NYT, 14.6.2014,






That Other Obama


April 5, 2012
The New York Times


President Obama is an intelligent, judicious man

who can see all sides of an issue.

But every once in a while

he tries to get politically cute,

and he puts on his Keith Olbermann mask.

That Other Obama, NYT, 5.4.2012,






Museum Is Symbol of Waste

in Georgia


January 17, 2011
The New York Times

PERRY, Ga. — Every weekend,

Michael Morris and his 2-year-old son, Jacob,

visit this small town’s

enormous new $14 million fishing museum.

They watch bream and bass swim in aquarium-size tanks.

They play with an interactive model of a fishing boat

and try to catch fish on a computer simulation using a rod

and reel connected to a video screen.

And because the museum,

the Go Fish Georgia Educational Center,

is primarily financed by the state,

their father-and-son outings cost only $5.

“It’s amazing,” said Mr. Morris,

a car salesman and recreational fisherman.

“When Jacob gets old enough,

I hope this will be part

of what makes him really get into fishing.”

But not all Georgia taxpayers are so thrilled.

Even before the museum opened in October,

“Go Fish” had become shorthand

in state political circles

for wasteful spending.

Republicans and Democrats alike

groaned over $1.6 million a year

in bond payments and operating costs.


Museum Is Symbol of Waste in Georgia, NYT, 17.1.2011,






Data Elusive on Low-Level Crime

in New York City


November 1, 2010
The New York Times


Year in and year out,

the New York Police Department

proudly broadcasts

its statistics for major crimes.

And each year for more than a decade,

its numbers have showed

how reports of murder, rape,

robbery, serious assault

and theft have hit historic lows.


Data Elusive on Low-Level Crime in New York City,
NYT, 1.11.2010,






Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign


November 1, 2010
The New York Times

Syracuse, N.Y.


ELECTION day could not have come too soon,

after what felt like many long and painful weeks.

It had been raining steadily,

and the glorious reds and golds of upstate New York

in autumn lay clumped and muted.

On my way to work, as I do every day,

I trudged by the large corner house

that is covered in signs,

some soaked and wilted in the rain,

others protected behind the glass street-facing windows.

Many of the signs were for Ann Marie Buerkle,

the Tea Party candidate for New York’s 25th

Congressional district.


Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign,
NYT, 1.11.2010,










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