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Vocapedia > Violence > Wars, Poverty, Climate




Asylum seekers, Displaced people,

Migrants, Refugees worldwide


This page is for my beloved Lou

- with love and admiration.






crossing, exodus, journey



crossing, journey > Atlantic



crossing > France -> UK > Channel



crossing, journey > Mediterranean



crossing > Mediterranean route > 14 June 2023 >

Messenia migrant boat disaster



displaced people, migrants, refugees



climate migration

displaced people, migrants, climate refugees



Myanmar -> Bangladesh, Australia, Indonesia

Rohingya refugees



displaced people, refugees, migrants >




refugee / migrant camps > Europe > Greece

Lesbos and other camps



migrant crisis > Europe



migrants, refugees > Europe > France >

Dunkerque / Dunkirk, Calais



asylum seekers










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Anglonautes > Vocapedia


countries > Afghanistan



countries > Myanmar



violence against women and girls

worldwide >




democracy, human rights, migration, politics,

society, religion, health, climate >

world > regions, countries



Earth >

animals, wildlife,


agriculture / farming,


waste, pollution,

global warming,

climate change,


disasters, activists



genocide, war,

weapons, arms sales,

espionage, torture



ethnic violence,

concentration camps, genocide



terrorism, global terrorism,

militant groups,

intelligence, spies, surveillance



immigration > UK



immigration > USA



illegal immigration

USA > human smuggling / trafficking






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war photography


Dorothea Lange    USA   1895-1965






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survivors, refugees, displaced persons



USA > Fort Ontario Refugee Camp -

Oswego, New York    1944-1946



UK, British Empire >

Kindertransport    1938-1940








Missing Migrants Project


Missing Migrants Project

is an initiative implemented since 2014

by the International Organization for Migration (IOM)

to document deaths and disappearances of people

in the process of migration

towards an international destination.


As collecting information is challenging,

all figures remain undercounted.


The locations in most cases are approximate.


Each number represents a person,

as well as the family and community

that they leave behind.







1948 > Universal Declaration of Human Rights






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