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America, English America,

United States of America, World


20th, early 21st century > USA > Timeline in pictures


Afghanistan war    2001-2021


2001 - 2020 peace deal - 2021 withdrawal




warning: graphic / distressing





‘I Won’t Go 20 Years Back in Time’:

Young Afghan Women Speak Out Video

NYT    30 August 2021





‘I Won’t Go 20 Years Back in Time’: Young Afghan Women Speak Out

Video        NYT        30 August 2021


Sadiqa Madadgar (@SadiQa Madadgar صدیقه مددگار) was a contestant on “Afghan Star.”

Seema Rezai was a member of Afghanistan's national boxing team.

They are part of a select group of young women

who were fortunate enough to find success in Kabul, Afghanistan.

When the Taliban took the city, their dreams were shattered.

We reached them on WhatsApp

and learned about their hopes and their fears for the future.


















‘We Are Here Alone’:

An Afghan Translator’s Plea for Help Video

 NYT    10 August 2021





‘We Are Here Alone’: An Afghan Translator’s Plea for Help         Video        NYT        10 August 2021


Starting as a teenager,

Romal Noori risked his life aiding the U.S. war effort in Afghanistan.

With American troops leaving and the Taliban regaining power,

he does not want to be left behind.






















Why These Veterans Are Demanding

an End to War in Afghanistan

NYT    11 November 2019





Why These Veterans Are Demanding an End to War in Afghanistan

Video        NYT Opinion        11 November 2019


This Veterans Day,

about 200,000 American troops

are being deployed abroad.


In the Video Op-Ed above,

the Eurasia Group Foundation,

which seeks to make public debates

about United States foreign policy more inclusive,

interviewed five veterans from diverse backgrounds

who oppose continuing the war.


These veterans,

who served in Afghanistan

or were part of the support

apparatus for the Afghan war,

say the United States should withdraw

all troops from Afghanistan.


Their harrowing stories from the battlefield

shed light on what they see

as an unwinnable conflict in a foreign land.


There is, these veterans say,

no point in continuing an 18-year war

whose outcome will be the same no matter

how many more American troops are killed.


In February,

The New York Times editorial board

called for an end to the Afghan war,

a marked shift from its yearslong policy of support.


This summer,

a Pew survey found that the majority of Americans

— and the majority of veterans —

think the war “has not been worth fighting.”


The trend in public opinion seems increasingly clear.


But American leaders

remain reluctant to make major changes.






















 The Afghanistan war in numbers

G    28 October 2014





The Afghanistan war in numbers

Video        Guardian Explainers        G        28 October 2014


After 13 years fighting a war in Afghanistan,

British troops have handed over control of Camp Bastion

and ended their combat role.


The war has claimed the lives of thousands of civilians,

military personnel and Taliban insurgents

and cost billions of pounds.


This is the story of the Afghanistan war in numbers.


Estimates for civilian deaths

are from costofwar.org UN records began in 2009



















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