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Vocapedia > Race relations > USA





race relations, racial divisions, racism,

civil rights



Africa, USA > slavery



slavery > underground railroad



slavery > abolitionists, abolition,




slavery, racism > lynchings

- warning: graphic violence






racism > white supremacists >

Ku Klux Klan






Dixie, colored people,

discrimination, miscegenation,

segregation, desegregation, resegregation >

19th, 20th, 21st centuries



segregation > 19th-20th century >

Deep South



segregation > 19th-20th century >

Jim Crow era / laws



segregation > 19th-20th century >

Jim Crow era > Blackface



civil rights >

freedom rides, sit-ins, boycotts



civil rights >

desegregation, integration



civil rights > desegregation >

school integration, busing






language > racial, ethnic slurs



stereotypes, prejudice,

racial profiling / bias



racial disparities, racial divide,

racial inequality / inequity,

racism, color barrier, discrimination,

caste system



racism > bigotry



racism > eugenics



housing segregation / discrimination




Black Americans, Black people




Being black, Black identity, Blackness



African-Americans > Health




- the accepted word for African-Americans

during segregation



activism > Black lives matter (BLM)



African-Americans > NYC > Harlem










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Anglonautes > Vocapedia > USA


Black movies > USA



U.S. Constitution > High Court / U.S. Supreme Court

Justices > Thurgood Marshall   1908-1993






Hispanics / Latinos



Native Americans / American Indians



White people



race relations, gender identity >

diversity, inclusion






police brutality

George Floyd   1973-2020



police misconduct / brutality

Sandra Bland   1987-2015



police misconduct / brutality

Freddie Carlos Gray, Jr.   1989-2015



police misconduct / brutality

USA > Eric Garner   1970-2014



gun violence > USA



gun violence > police shootings > USA



feelings > hate



politics > The Alt-Right




Confederate monuments / figures / statues / flag



time > day > state holiday > Juneteenth

- on 19 June 1865

enslaved African-Americans

in Galveston, Texas,

were told they were free



music > genre > rap, hip-hop



music > genre > soul



music > genre > gospel, doo wop, jazz, fusion



music > genre > blues






Related > Anglonautes > History > USA


Race riots

in Detroit, Milwaukee,

Los Angeles, Newark and Chicago   1967-1968



USA > African-American soldiers



20th century > USA > Civil rights



17th, 18th, 19th, 20th century

English America, America, USA

Racism, Slavery,

Abolition, Civil war,

Abraham Lincoln,




17th, 18th, 19th century

English America, America, USA



USA > 19th century >

Emancipation Proclamation - 1863






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United Kingdom > Slavery






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urban music, rap, hip-hop



let's take the soul train!






gospel, blues, blues rock, R&B







Anglonautes > Arts > Photographers >

20th century > USA > Civil rights


Jeffrey Henson Scales



Doy Gorton



Danny Lyon



Doris Derby    1939-2022



Steve Schapiro    1934-2022



Fred Baldwin    1929-2021



Matt Herron    1931-2020



Don Hogan Charles    1938-2017



Robert Adelman    1930-2016



Ernest C. Withers    1922-2007



Leonard Freed    1929-2006



Gordon Parks    1912-2006



James "Spider" Martin    1939-2003



Grey Villet    1927-2000



Ed Clark    1911-2000



Ralph Waldo Ellison    USA    1913-1994



Robert W. Kelley    1920-1991



Weegee    1899-1968






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2020s > African-Americans



2010s > African-Americans








NPR > Code Switch: Race and Identity, Remixed        USA






Black History podcasts        USA


What is the black history in two minutes (or so) podcast?

Itís Black History delivered

in short, lively, fact-packed stories

accessible to people of all ages

and education levels.


Itís fast, accurate U.S. history

available in free video podcast recordings

describing major historical events

and introducing less well-known experiences

involving Black Americans.


The series received

two Webby Awards in May 2020:

Peopleís Choice,

as well as Education and Discovery.


Podcast topics range from recent event

 to the founding of the United States of America.


Heroes of the Civil Rights movement are covered,

as are some of the more obscure figures

in the fight for equality.





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